Post Baccalaureate Program 2020-21

Post Baccalaureate Program 2020-21 (Brazil) – University of Winnipeg

The Application for the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma Program offered by

The University of Winnipeg Satellite Teacher Education Program (UW-STEP) offered

at Maple Bear Central Office located in Sao Paulo Brazil is opened.

The UW Faculty of Education Post-Baccalaureate Program consists of

ten (10) three credit hour (ch) courses.

These courses will be delivered over a period of 24 months from the start date of the program (January 2020).

Program Requirements

The Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Education Program at the University of Winnipeg requires that students:

1. complete 30 credit hours of course work to earn their PBDE.

2. have a minimum overall Grade Point Average (GPA) of C+ in the program.

Students who attend and pass all ten (10) three credit hour courses with a minimum overall average of C+ will have met the requirements to graduate.

Participants must*

  • hold an undergraduate degree
  • have 2 years of classroom experience
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.

Program Cohort**

  • Maple Bear Central Office will administer the participants who will form the cohort group up to a maximum of 40 students.

Program Costs***

  1. Total amount per student: R$12.000
  2. 1st Payment R$2.000 (6x R$333,33) on registration
  3.  Month Payment R$500 (20x R$500) over the program duration

*The University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Education will vet all applications and reserves the right to request additional documentation, if necessary, or deny admission to those who do not meet the criteria.

**The students admitted in this initial process (prior to the start of the first class) will form the cohort for this Program. No additional students will be accepted.

***In case applications are not accepted, the 1st payment will be returned to students. Payments will be processed on a month base, starting in January 2020 until August 2021.

Admission Process

  1. School must register student on Maple Bear Store. Click here
  2. Fill out Maple Bear student form. Click here  
  3. Fill out UW application form
  4. Submit all required application documents to the Central Office by October 11, 2019.


Maple Bear Central Office will ensure that all application packages are complete and will forward these packages to the Faculty of Education. In addition, Maple Bear Central office will provide a letter, listing the names of the students, to verify that they have taught in English.

This letter will serve to satisfy the University of Winnipeg’s English Language Proficiency requirement.

Required Application Documents

A completed application includes the following (please submit all documents at the same time):

• An application form (available online and to be filled out by the student)

Click here on the UW Application Form

  • Area of University: Undergraduate – Faculty of Education
  • Application Type: Undergraduate Studies

Student type: Graduated from University or College

  • Faculty or Areas of Study: Arts
  • Academic Program: Arts – Undecided
  • Academic Term: Winter 2019 (January 2020 – April 2020)

• $125.00 non-refundable application fee – must be paid by credit card or money order (credit card information must be entered on the application form)

Official transcripts and certified translations from all universities previously attended (must include an official seal or signature – notarized copies are accepted)

Proof of name change if applicable – married persons whose academic credentials may be

in their birth name or previous married name must submit a marriage certificate for each

change – a notarized copy will be accepted (Note: Changes of name for reasons other

than marriage must also be substantiated by appropriate certification)

Proof of English Language proficiency (a letter from the schools, listing the full name, to verify that applicant has taught in English) will be accepted as documentation).

This letter will serve to satisfy the University of Winnipeg’s English Language Proficiency requirement.


  • Students should be aware that when it is necessary to evaluate foreign documents detailed course outlines or course syllabus might be requested. It is the applicant’s responsibility to provide certified English translations of all official transcripts and course outlines and/or syllabi that are in languages other than English.

All documents must be originals or notarized. Student copies or uncertified photocopies are not acceptable.

  • Replaceable documents submitted with an application become the property of the University and will not be returned.
  • Students cannot be registered for courses until they have been officially admitted to the University of Winnipeg.


Students cannot attend class if they were not part of the original cohort and will not be

admitted or registered. Names of students cannot be added manually to the Class List.

New students cannot be added to the original cohort group.

Course Delivery, Frequency and Scheduling

The courses will be offered as follows:

2020 (1st Year) 2021 (2nd Year)
Total of 5 courses (15 ch) offered in   January Mathematics – Problem Solving March Balanced Comprehensive Literacy (Early/ Middle Years) May/June Classroom Management September Project Based Learning November Assessment     with specific course dates to be determined. Total of 5 courses (15 ch) offered in   January Science Inquiry Based Learning/ Design Projects March Learning Centers May/June Leadership in Education September Technology – Computational Thinking and Coding November Sustainable Living   with specific course dates to be determined.

Courses are scheduled Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 8 am to 5 pm

At Maple Bear Central Office in São Paulo

Rua Estados Unidos, 209, Jardim Paulista

1. Each 3 ch course will consist of 30 hours. The make-up of this will be determined by the instructor. Courses may include but not limited to lectures, readings, discussions, and assignments.

2. The University of Winnipeg, Faculty of Education reserves the right to determine the delivery method of courses. Some courses may be offered online or other forms of distance education formats.

3. Some courses may require students to complete readings and/or assignments before and/or after the specific course dates.

4. Each course delivered in Brazil will be comprised of a 10 – 15% blended course component.

5. Should one or more students not be able to complete one of the 10 courses delivered as scheduled due to extenuating circumstances, the Faculty of Education will deliver an eleventh (11th) course online at an additional cost.

6. The University of Winnipeg will not be held responsible for students who do not complete the program within the duration of the prescribed 24-month contract.


If any of the original cohort group of students do not complete all 10 courses during the 2-year

period, additional arrangements will have to be made for them to make up missing courses. These arrangements may take the form of the University offering additional courses for an additional fee and all aspects of time/date/duration will be at the discretion of the University of Winnipeg.

Any courses offered after the end of this period will be at a higher fee due to increases in

stipend fees and other costs.

There is no obligation on the part of the University of Winnipeg to offer additional courses andthe University of Winnipeg will not be held legally responsible for students who do not

complete within the 24-month Program.